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Perfect Village

A memoir

Most every town or village began along a dusty road. Early settlers were often fleeing tyranny or seeking a fresh start from the perils of life. Perfect Village is my story about having to face the messiness of love, an unfulfilling career and then leaping towards such a new beginning. I left behind a leafy American neighborhood and all the comforts of society to experience a new way of life in Germany. It is a story of redemption and pursuing one’s dreams through embracing change as a good and healthy ideal.  


What endures is my unrelenting curiosity of the world and ability to take bold action and transform oneself, even in the face of a global pandemic.  Was I trying to find a more perfect life and village in idyllic Bavaria? Possibly. But after finding sobriety, solitude, a deeper faith and a renewed appreciation for relationships, I finally discover a truer self.   

And will I find love again? That existential question persists on this odyssey that takes you from the halls of the Pentagon to the wilderness of Montana. From the Alps of Austria to the beaches of Sicily. How my story unfolds is unique, but yet all the little pieces have a relatability that carries you forward.


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