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My twin sister and I were born in 1982 and raised in Prairie Village, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City. We both followed in our mother’s footsteps with a Catholic school upbringing, but this did not go without the Protestant influences of our father’s family. Although from different religious traditions, we all shared the same basic faith. 


After attending the University of Kansas to study finance and then a fifteen-year career in commercial real estate, I reflected on life and desired a change of scenery. After departing from nearly all my belongings, I moved to Germany for a taste of European living. Upon arrival, I attended the Technical University of Munich to further my business studies, while at the same time, I took up the pen and began writing about my experiences and new life. With my master's program and thesis on co-working completed, I continue to edit my first book, Perfect Village, and contribute to my newsletter, The Munich Times.


If I'm not reading, writing, or striving to conquer the German language, you will find me swimming, hiking, golfing and skiing. I take every opportunity to jump on a train with my bike, a coffee and newspaper to absorb all of Bavaria’s cultural traditions or venture further to explore the continent’s history and landscape. 

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